What is the electric field?

Where there is electrical charge there is electrical field. We find it everywhere; it is usually present around electrical sockets, electrical distribution units, appliances, etc. Every electric conductor, which is under voltage, creates an electric field around it. This exists even when the electrical current is not running (even when the devices are switched off). It is enough that appliances are plugged in. Additional magnetic field is produced when the appliance is plugged in and electrical current flows through the device. Electric and magnetic fields are called low-frequency fields.


QUARDION was tested in cooperation with an accredited laboratory for the measurement of radiation EKOsystem Ltd. The testing was carried out in accordance with the Decree on electromagnetic radiation in the natural and living environment (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 70/96) and by using the electromagnetic radiation meter. Electrical socket (230 VAC) was used for the research of the electrical radiation. The electrical measurements were taken with and without Quardion. The research has shown that the maximum value of the electric field strength is present around the electrical socket without protection. When the test was conducted on an electrical outlet protected by Quardion, the value of the electrical field strength was negligible.